how was your trip

I did DMT in a strangers apartment
I didn’t piss in the snow the whole time I was there
and in NYC I slept in a bed that wouldn’t even fit in my bedroom

                        ah yeh

it was her mothers bed
it overlooked central park
she was an art collector

                        was it fun

Photo of a greasy American burger sitting on top of red and white checkered paper. Next to the burger is a coffee in a styrofoam cup.
A luxurious yellow convertible parked by a look-out. In the background is the Hollywood sign.

when I got to LA it was literally on fire and everything felt really purposeful. I’m not entirely sure what happened, I got into the habit of drinking a lot but I wasn’t sure I was having fun. I couldn’t stop staring at myself and going on dates…

the streets in san fran were so slanted my suitcase kept moving by itself

I went a few days without saying anything to anybody
except maybe to the nice people who worked at subway

but then, while I was staying in a hostel
I found a Trump t-shirt in the laundry
this gave me a strange feeling
or maybe it was seeing so many movies by myself

I couldn’t really stop thinking about Melbourne
and about everything I did wrong

kept convincing myself I was in love
but that I’d been chucked away

I love you as a lover and a friend, I'd said
or something along those lines

A mirror selfie taken of a person in a hostel dorm room.
A mannequin wearing a furry mask and tight leather clothing. Beside it is a rack of leather harnesses and clothing.

my mother bought a selfie stick outside sacré-coeur in paris. my mother is convinced that if people like things she doesn’t like, then those things must be unhealthy. when she pours my coffee she says it looks like mud. that’s unhealthy she says. my mother thinks the police do a good job. she has really nice smile lines and loves me so much that her phone password is my birthday. she doesn’t ask me about my trip to america. I think she hates america. america is all about consuming she says. I think she just says things she doesn’t really mean but is used to saying. maybe she thought I was going to be shot in america, but I am white and people think I’m a girl and I barely saw any guns

A sidewalk covered in snow. On the left there are snow-covered cars, on the right are multi-storey buildings.

the pipes are frozen so I can’t
have a shower or a glass of water
and when I step on the tiles, they crack

there’s something about being alone
makes you think different
I walk everywhere listening to music, freezing and thinking

a brothel worker comes home from a long shift
her husband has dinner on the table
and this is a normal day

when asked if she is indigenous,
the woman sweeps back her hair and says
‘3rd gen Australian’

An overexposed image of a tree at night. Its foliage is lit up.

                                                sometimes I want there to be a big war in this country
                                                so I could just focus on staying alive I know that makes
                                                me sick but it’s 2018 and the news is really full on

             that’s gross. I think I just want a partnership

A dark and blurry photo of a foot.
Photo of graffiti on corrugate metal. Text on the graffiti says "too much" followed my a frowning face

my friend (who is 40 something) said
looking back you try tidy up all the stuff
you haven’t tidied up yet

on conspiracy theories another friend said
its like you wanna believe it so bad
because shit feels so off

I always think about how McGonagall felt a sense of duty
even after Voldemort was killed
to sit on the wall and watch over baby Harry......

the term ‘friendship breakdown’ is pretty self explanatory I guess
it’s hard to give a shit about somebody
you haven’t seen for two months